Bucknell University Acceptance Rate in 2023 | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions (2023)

Are you looking to know Bucknell University acceptance rate and some other requirements to secure admission into the school?

The Bucknell University acceptance rate is low. Bucknell University, however, has a rigorous admissions procedure that takes a range of academic measures into account.

You can strengthen your application with a strong essay, strong letters of recommendation, extensive extracurricular involvement, and a demanding course load.

Due to the likelihood of many classes being small, students will have plenty of chances to collaborate closely with their teachers and peers while considering the Bucknell University acceptance rate.

This article describes the Bucknell University acceptance rate coupled with the requirements, scores, and admission process required to be a unique choice at Bucknell University.

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What to know about Bucknell University?

It is a private liberal arts university. The Bucknell University acceptance rate is 38%. Bucknell University, which is based in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, combines a comprehensive university’s educational offerings with the atmosphere of a small liberal arts institution.

The university’s achievements in the liberal arts and sciences have led to the establishment of a chapter of the esteemed Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, and the engineering department is deserving of a thorough examination.

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The Bucknell University Bisons participate in NCAA Division I Patriot League athletics. Soccer, field hockey, football, and track and field are all popular sports.

What Is Bucknell University Acceptance Rate in 2023?

The average admission percentage for applicants who want to enroll at Bucknell University is quite low. The Bucknell University acceptance rate is 38%. Although they use a holistic approach to admissions, admissions are tough.

You can enroll at Bucknell University by simply following the admissions procedures and demonstrating your moral character.

Bucknell University Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023

Beginning with the fall semester, transfer students are accepted into the corps, and beginning with the fall and spring semesters, they are enrolled in non-cadet programs. There were 138 enrolled transfer students out of 217 total, a respectable average of 63.59%.

Since 3% of Bucknell University’s student body is made up of transfer students, you probably won’t be alone.

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Is It Difficult to Get Into Bucknell University?

Bucknell University’s acceptance rate is 38%. It has the lowest acceptance rate in the country, coming in at #141 and #9 in Pennsylvania.

It is extremely difficult to get into Bucknell, and those who meet the requirements have a lower probability of getting accepted. 3,712 of the 9,890 applicants who applied last year were accepted.

The institution has very strict SAT and ACT admission standards, typically admitting students with scores in the top 15% (SAT 1250/1430 ACT 28/32). With an average GPA of roughly 3.61 and a “B+” average in high school, Bucknell University regularly accepts and draws these students.

The majority of entering freshmen finish in the top ten percent of their class in high school. Moreover, of those accepted, 27% opted to enroll in the university.

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Does Bucknell University Require Test Scores in 2023?

The Bucknell University acceptance rate for the 2018–19 admissions cycle is 38%. This indicates that 38 out of every 100 candidates were accepted, making the admissions process at Bucknell tough.

SAT Requirements

Bucknell began a 5-year test-optional policy starting with the 2019–20 admissions season. During this time, applicants are permitted but not required to submit their SAT or ACT scores. 72% of accepted students who were in the admissions cycle for 2018–19 submitted their SAT results.

According to admissions data, most of Bucknell University’s accepted students scored in the top 20% nationwide on the SAT. 50% of candidates at Bucknell received scores between 620 and 700 on the evidence-based reading and writing section, while 25% received scores below 620 and 25% received scores over 700.

Although, 50% of admitted students received math scores between 635 and 730, 25% received math scores below 635, and 25% received math scores over 730. A total SAT score of 1430 or higher will put candidates in a highly competitive position at Bucknell.

It should be noted that candidates who were homeschooled, recruited athletes, and international students must submit their exam results. The SAT writing portion and SAT Subject tests are not necessary for students who submit scores to Bucknell. Because Bucknell takes part in the score choice program, the admissions office will take into account your top score from each section on all SAT test dates.

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ACT Requirements

Bucknell put in motion a 5-year test-optional policy starting with the 2019–20 admissions season. During this time, candidates are permitted but not required to submit their SAT or ACT scores. 36 percent of accepted students who applied for admission in the 2018–19 cycle sent their ACT results.

According to admissions data, most of Bucknell University’s accepted students scored in the top 12% nationwide on the ACT. Also, 25% of those accepted to Bucknell had ACT composite scores over 32, and 25% had ACT composite scores below 28, with the middle 50% of candidates receiving a score between 28 and 32.

It should be noted that candidates who were homeschooled, recruited athletes, and international students must submit their exam results. Your highest composite ACT score will be taken into account; Bucknell does not superscore ACT scores.

GPA Requirements

To be admitted to Bucknell, candidates must have received excellent grades in high school. A majority of B+ students get accepted and ultimately enroll at Bucknell University based on their average high school GPA, which was 3.61 on a 4.0 scale. For the greatest average GPA in Pennsylvania, the school is ranked #23 overall. Admission to Bucknell will be difficult, even with a competitive GPA, as the university rejects more candidates than it accepts.

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Admission Requirements for Bucknell University in 2023

The admissions pool at Bucknell University is competitive, with a low acceptance rate, high average GPAs, and high SAT/ACT scores.

However, Bucknell has a thorough admissions procedure that takes into account elements other than your GPA and test results.

Your candidacy can be backed up by a believable application essay, excellent recommendation letters, involvement in noteworthy extracurricular activities, and a demanding course load.

Additionally, Bucknell demands a number of additional essays. Candidates should be careful to highlight their distinct qualities and interests in these writings.

Even if a student’s grades and test scores fall outside of Bucknell’s typical range, they may still be given significant consideration if they have unusually impressive tales or accomplishments.

Three colleges must receive applications from prospective Bucknell students: the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Engineering, or the Freeman College of Management. All candidates must have completed two years of college-level math and at least two and a half years of a single foreign language.

How to Apply to Bucknell University

Early Decision I and Early Decision II are Bucknell’s two admissions procedures. The Bucknell university acceptance rate for Early Decision applicants is higher than that of Regular Decision applicants. For the Class of 2024, Bucknell university’s acceptance rate overall was 49.5%, and Bucknell university’s acceptance rate for an early decision was 72%.

  • Students must submit their applications via the University Portal or the Common Application Portal with their personal information and course preferences.
  • Transcripts, documentation, proof of prior education, English language test results, and standardized test results should all be submitted for verification.
  • To increase their chances of being chosen, students should submit their applications by the deadline.
  • Fill out the application and pay the money.

Note. Online or general application portals are available for applications.

What are the alternatives for Bucknell University?

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Although applying for Early Decision might greatly increase your chances of acceptance, not everyone should do so. Bucknell University requires both Early Decision I and Early Decision II, and by applying to ED, you pledge to attend the school if admitted.

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Because you’re committing to attend, you can’t compare financial aid packages to other institutions when you apply to ED, so it’s best for students who are absolutely sure they want to attend Bucknell University and can afford it. The Bucknell University acceptance rate is therefore important to put into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

SAT or ACT is preferred by Bucknell University?

67% of students give Bucknell their SAT results. When applying, 43% of applicants include their ACT scores.

What SAT score is necessary for admission to Bucknell University?

Applicants with SAT scores in the middle 50% of those accepted have between 1250 and 1430. When applying, 67% of students include their SAT results. Check to see if your SAT score qualifies you for admission.

What is the needed ACT score at Bucknell University?

The middle 50% of admitted candidates had ACT scores in the 28–32 range. When applying, 43% of students include their ACT results. Check to see if your ACT score qualifies you for admission.

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How likely is it that I’ll be admitted to Bucknell University?

Admission to Bucknell is granted to 38% of applicants. The college boasts extraordinary admission criteria, and competition for admission is fierce. Check to see if you have the grades and scores required for admission.


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